Available Loads List Help

Status Definitions
Accepted You have accepted this load.There is a possibility of you being offered the load.  
Expired The match has expired.
Matched You will be offered this load if it gets down to you.  
Refused You were matched to this load and it has been determined that you do not want this load. 
Will Commit You are expected to take this load if it gets down to you. 
Each column of the table may be sorted by clicking on the column heading.  Click the column heading   once to sort ascending.  Click the column heading heading once more to sort descending.  To restore the table   to the original sort order press the Search button.  
Order Detail
Click the link button in the order list to display the order details page.  From the order details page you   may match to, commit, or refuse  a load.
Out of Service
If the unit is out of service the search button is disabled.