Available Loads Search Walkthrough

The Available Loads Search page requires either the Origin or Destination information - all other fields are optional.  You may enter both the Origin and Destination information if you  wish.  To help you learn how to use this page follow the steps below.

Part 1

  1. To enter the origin information click the textbox labeled Origin.    Another page appears allowing you to search for and select a city.
  2. Click the State drop down list and select "Kentucky" .
  3. Next type the characters "Lou" into the textbox labeled Partial City Name.  This textbox accepts a partial city name and finds all city names in the state you selected that begin with the text you entered.  Note:  You must enter at least two characters for the Search button to work.
  4. Click the Search button .
  5. After you click the Search button a list of cities that begin with the letters you entered is displayed.  "Louisville" should be in the list.  Click on Louisville to select it.
  6. After clicking Louisville you are returned back to the Available Loads Search page with Louisville, KY entered in the Origin textbox.
  7. You are almost ready to do a search.  In the Mile Radius from Origin textbox enter "100".  This indicates that you are interested in loads originating from within a 100-mile radius of Louisville, KY.
  8. Click the Search button.
  9. A list of loads appears and you can select freight as you normally would.

Part 2 

  1. With the search information from Part 1 entered, click on the textbox labeled Destination.  The City search page appears as it did when you clicked on the Origin textbox.  Select "Indiana" from the state drop down list and enter "India" in the Partial City Name textbox.  Click the Search button and select "Indianapolis" from the list.
  2. Enter "100" in the Mile Radius of Destination textbox.
  3. Now let's say you've decided that you no longer want Louisville, KY in the Origin field. Click on the Origin textbox and when the City Search page is rendered click Clear Previous City.
  4. You are now back at the Available Loads Search page and the Origin information has been cleared.
  5. Click the Search button on the Available Loads Search page to view freight.  Note:  You could have left the Origin information in place or selected a different city for Origin.  If you have both Origin and Destination information filled in when you click Search the web page will show loads that match BOTH the Origin and Destination.

Part 3

  1. Familiarize yourself with the other search filters!  If you are not sure what they do consult the Available Loads Search Help page.  There is also help available on the City Search page and the Date & Time Selection page (you get to the Date & Time Selection page by clicking on the Date Available textbox).  There is a Master Help page link in the header of each page of this website.  You can get to all available help pages for this website by clicking that link.